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About Chowki

Named after the traditional Indian dining table, Chowki is anything but traditional when it comes to Indian eating in London. Mere moments from Piccadilly Circus, Chowki transports its visitors to the bustling streets of Mumbai with its exciting blend of street food and home-style cookery, a million miles away from the fayre of your typical curry house. A relaxed, canteen style setting makes for a charmingly laid back dining experience very much in keeping with the quirky menu which has earned Chowki a rather a good reputation among Indian food purists who cheerfully embrace the changing selection which varies between specific regional specialities from month to month.

Diner Reviews - Only diners who have booked and dined can write a review

I ate at Chowki in the west end of London 3 years ago and was extremely impressed. The mango juice that they served at the time was the best I had tasted anywhere in the UK, and the food was great value for money. Because of those reasons I was looking forward to last night, but was disappointed. Once again I tried the mango juice, but whereas previously it was fresh, this time it was just a bottled version you can purchase in many shops and bars. The prices have also increased enormously.

Disappointed again, service not great and the paneer tikka was over cooked and dry. Needs to improve before I visit here again!

Chowki is always a great place to eat at. It serves authentic India cuisine from different regions across India (i am indian so i can verify this!). Not much atmosphere but still recommended. Great value.

We enjoyed our meal at Chowki - the long, shared tables and Chowki "pots" made it a refreshing change from the standard Indian venue. Good value, friendly service, but atmosphere was a little lacking on a midweek night.

Cafe-ish feel, very empty when we went, food was ok, nothing to write home about, everything just a bit average. Server tried his hardest to make up for the shortcomings in atmosphere and food though - good on him!

Chowki in Denman Street, London is a quirky restaurant tucked in amongst lots of other Indian restaurants. This one is a bit different. The seating is long tables with benchs and this creates a fun atmosphere. The food was excellent - lovely sheek kebab and good curry main courses which all come in lttle pots with rice daal and bread. A good change from our usual idea of an Indian meal. Very enjoyable.

Went there with my friend for a dinner. The food was very authentic and delicious ... Would surely go again

Food was really good, service was excellent, in fact too quick. Don't order house wine as it an English sweet 8% wine like Lambrini but they charge £12 (Lidi has a similar bottle on offer for £1)

Chowki, London, offers great value Indian food.

Chowki, Soho: All of the dishes tasted the same. Food was cold. Serive was sloppy. With the number Indian restaurants in London, it's amazing that this place is in business.

After the reviews I've read, i was left disappointed with Chowki. The food was average, and i would think it is aimed at more at the tourist market then a regular diner. The food did come quick, and the layout more informal and relaxed than the usual if you're after a quick curry and a chat it might be ideal.

The food was lovely, however the 50% is what they should charge normally, as this place is now very overpriced.

Ok food. Not recommended without discount

Chowki was better than I thought it would be. Food was not bad, the lamb was very tasty and tender, the chicken was quite bland and not very exciting. Service could be better, but it was our waiter's first day, so can't be too harsh. Overall - it was a good place to eat, reasonably priced (with 2for1 offer).

Good value with TT discount!

I thought Chowki was good value for money but I didn't find the food outstanding.

The service wasn't great, we had to remind them we had ordered wine and then they brought us white instead of red.

We had theatre tickets and explained that but still the food took quite some time and we ended up having to rush our meal. If had been busy this may have been understandable, but there were not many people in the restaurant at the time.

The food was good, without doubt, but if I had been paying full price I would have been woefully disappointed with the portion size.

Two halves of the restaurant seem quite different. Backless seats and long tables in one half make it more canteen dining - better for largish groups.

Food interesting and OK but little things need attention for example only two pickles accompany poppadums and nothing else.

With the 50% off this is respectable given the location, but would feel short changed at full price.

A nice, modern Indian restaurant - pretty busy on a Friday night which was a good sign. Lovely, fluffy naan bread served in a basket. Portions were a bit on the small side for the mains. Biriyani was great. Overall Chowki was good, it would have been expensive for what we had if not for the 2 for 1 TT deal.

Chowki in Picadilly is a fantastic place to try different curries and different flavours from all ove India. The 2 for 1 deal made it fantastic value but even without that it is definitely worth a visit. Only downside is it can get a little noisy as everyone is on long tables together but the food and the service make it worth it.