Gaylord Restaurant

79 - 81 Mortimer Street
West End London W1W 7SJ
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About Gaylord Restaurant

A Cuisine as warm as the land of its birth, Indian food is complex, spicy, multi-flavoured and hearty. For over 50 years, Gaylord has been taking London to the plains of North India on a culinary journey spiced with splendour, history and rich, unforgettable flavours.
Here at Gaylord we host a festival of Mughlai Fare, which includes the exotic dishes created specially for the Maharajas, Nawabs and the elite of Erstwhile North Indian states. We endeavour not only to present you with these specialities in the most authentic form, a genuine effort is also made to pamper you in the royal style and in the best Indian tradition. So permit us to take you on an adventurous gourmet experience with our Tandoori Specialities, delicately prepared curries with distinct characteristics of their own and a host of desserts to choose from that will leave a lingering taste urging you to come back to us to recapture the spirit of Royal India. Owned by Kwality group - Leaders in touch of quality.

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Gaylords restaurant in Mortimer street was excellent

Gaylord has not maintained the excellence they had over the past many years. The prices, particularly of the alcoholic drinks are exorbitant, scandalous and extremely poor value. Could also do with revision in ambience.

Very quiet at lunchtime so waiter thought I was a walk in even though I told him I'd booked. Food was excellent but would very expensive without the 50% discount.

Had to ask waiter for water on at least 4 occasions before getting any, and then trying to get a top-up was nigh on impossible, despite numerous waiters milling around not doing much at all!

prices have gone up, and service seems to have gone done- shame because this was my favourite North Indian restaurant in town.

Very nice food at the Gaylord Restaurant in Fitzrovia, London. I would have said that the food was great value for money...had I not been shocked at the end by the £3 per person 'cover charge' (sorry, are we on the continent all of a sudden?!!) and the over priced drinks. Service was a little surly and I wouldn't say the ambience was brilliant. But food was gorgeous and it's in a nice quiet spot off the back of Oxford street...great for a breather from the shops!

Food was excellent and very good quality. I did book though for the 20% off which we did not receive so it was a very expensive evening. Would only come back if i was treating someone to a nice meal.

Gayloard is a great Indian restaurant. good is great. service is good to, however a little pricy for the potion size.

Gaylord in Fitzrovia, London is one of the best Indian restaurants in the Capital. The food is excellent and the service very good.

Gaylord Restaurant London

Food and ambience was good however service was poor.

The food here is a little bit different, which is nice, but everything is extremely mild. The service is efficient but verges on pushy at times. I don't think we'll be going back as it just isn't worth the money.

The food was good, but the service was so slow! We had quite a feast - the okra was particularly good - but it took a very long time to get through the ordering process, and it was very hard to catch the waiters' eye when they did appear. Still, a good evening out and I will go back (when I'm not in a rush).

Gaylord, Mortimer Streetis very expensive. Even with a special offer. Nibbles and water were placed on the table for arrival without noting that there would be a charge. The bill was presented without the TT discount. We then noted this and were given the discount only for us to discover that we had been charged for one bottle of wine and two bottles of water over. The discussion became a bit heated and we left with a bad taste in our mouths. £19 for a prawn korma, you're paying for location...

5 of us went for lunch at Gaylord Restaurant and overall, it was good. It's a little more expensive than what I would think of as a 'usual' curry place, but the food was very nice and a good portion size as well. We had a late lunch so there wasn't anyone else there, meaning ambience wasn't all that special, but it's a nice looking place. The main let down was when we asked for the bill, the service had been good but it took us asking 4 times and 25 minutes to get it! perhaps just an off day.

We went to Gaylords for lunch on a rainy lunchtime.It ws empty but round abot 2.30pm it filled up a little. We had the tandoori mixed grill, tandoori prawns, chicken biryani, lamb korma and nans. The food (when it arrived after 45 minutes) was delicious. Service was ok but spoilt as the waiter had no idea we were on the TT deal and had to redo the bill, and seemed to be upset that we got 50% off as opposed to 20%. There is no way on earth I would pay full price. With the offer, it was £20 each.

My partner and I have been regulars at this restaurant for many years. Last night we were disappointed to note the menu has been cut back. Fewer dishes are available and the fare on offer is 'dumbed down', i.e more authentic and unsual dishes replaced by bog standards like tikka masala. In addition there has been a twenty percent price hike on all dishes and Ammex is no longer accepted. The Gaylord has become very expensive, the menu (as well as service, decor etc) don't match the cost.

Gaylord was busy for a Tuesday night, which is always a good sign. Service was slightly indifferent but reasonably efficient. They have changed their decor a bit, eg using ceramic bowls now instead of metal 'balti' like dishes. Portion sizes seem marginally smaller than before, but not sure. Food as always was delicious. You pay more than regular Indian places, but you get quality. Annoyingly, they always forget to apply to the Toptable discount, and you have to ask for it to be included.

Another very good meal at the Gaylord Restaurant in Mortimer Street, London. We were given the table that we requested, the Maharaja feast was excellent and we were able to change some dishes to suit individual preferences.Service was friendly and good.

We visited Gaylord Restaurant, London, on Thursday to take advantage of the express lunch (2 courses for £10) menu. The restaurant was absolutely dead, but the service still wasn't great. The naan was burnt and the we both felt the curry we had wasn't fantastic. In addition we only had 2 soft drinks, but with the cover charge and service charge, the bill came to £35 - quite above the £20 approx you think of when booking.

Without doubt the best Indian reataurant in London where the food is always consistent. Excellent freindly service and the food tastes the same as you would have in the best restauarants in India. Eating at Gaylord is always a great experience.

Gaylord was fantastic. I highly recommend the Maharaja Feast.