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About Min Jiang

Situated in the heart of fashionable Kensington and in a lofty position on the tenth floor of the Royal Garden Hotel, Min Jiang boasts breathtaking views of Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and London"s skyline. The restaurant design combines striking blue and white Chinese vases against deep contemporary red walls, creating an unforgettable dining experience. Min Jiang is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week and undoubtedly the highlight of any visit to Min Jiang is the wood fired Beijing Duck and the exquisite Dim Sum!

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Booked Min Jiang for a business lunch and the feedback received was excellent. Everyone commented that the food was delicious and the service very attentive.

Wonderful lunch with a delicious variety of dim sum! Happy to report no MSG in the kitchen as well! Fresh ingredients and friendly service with a spectacular view of Hyde Park tops it all off! Highly recommended.

Min Jiang Restaurant Royal Garden Hotel, 10th floor

Min Jiang is excellent. food and services is superb with a great view over the park too!

Lovely food as before. Had been craving the san pei chicken since I tried it last time - it did not disappoint. Definitely one of the better places to have chinese food in town. Fried rice and kung pao prawns were also excellent.

Excellent views, acceptable food, but rather expensive as you'd expect from a 5 star hotel. The £20 set menu ended up at £60/head when a G&T, bottle of NZ wine and a coffee were factored in!

I've been several times to Min Jiang, but always for dinner. This time tried their lunch time, and have to say that love it. High St. Kensignton is pretty busy at lunch, and finding a place where the food and ambience is great is a tresure. Recommend trying their duck, and my favourate sweet and sour prawns and corn fed chicken. Great place.

We originally intended to just have dimsum (with a view), but we ended trying the duck. Siding with other TT reviewers, there's the good (duck was authentic and succulent, and the Minjiang's own accompaniments put a different spin on it). The bad was the feeling of being shortchanged - we ordered half a duck and what we got was probably just over a quarter. You can see the duck being carved for the first serving, but the second serving (put into stirfried noodles) was minute.

Min Jiang was nice yesterday lunchtime. Lovely view with the sun shining!

Great service, very hospitable. Food was good and the portions just the right size which meant we could sample more! We didn't have the duck because we were only 3 adults and 2 children and we wanted to try different dishes.

We were sat at a window table and could see Hyde Park in the distance - well we saw the winter wonderland lights and big wheel. It would be nice to come back in the summer time.

Tables were nicely spaced apart.

Delicious food, good attentive service, tables nicely spread. Normally a better restaurant for spring/summer given the view, but nevertheless to be recommended.

Min Jiang - London. Nice food, great view!

Excellent view of Hyde Park. Food was very nice (veg dim sum). Service was also good.

Min Jiang, Royal garden hotel: The food is great, the dining area is a little bit small, the service is ok, want to order more food before 10 pm, they told me the chef finished work!

not much meat out of a whole duck and where did the legs go? two small bowls of duck soup followed with a few pieces of stringy meat and bone in it. if there is a next time, I will demand to doggy bag the duck leftover and insist in it being done in front of me. £55 for one duck and I barely had a few bites. pancake looks great but texture resembles plastic. gets cold very quickly on the plate even though I heated the plate up. other dishes not remarkable. don't go PA

If you dine here you must try the Peking duck, one of the restaurant's specialties!

Min Jiang (Royal Garden Hotel, London) offers good food and service. This is one of my most frequently visited Chinese restaurants. Restaurant also has excellent view of Kensington Garden. See my previous reviews for details.

Min Jiang, London: Our second visit here, this time for lunch. We had dimsum instead of the duck. Lovely room, as before, with pleasant views of Kensington Gardens. Parties of two seem to get seated away from the windows, ho hum. Dimsum was lovely, especially the aromatic Shanghai xiao long baos and Beijing duck spring rolls. Service from front desk a bit frosty, and the bill arrived almost immediately after dessert without us asking for it. We get the message...

The food, setting and décor were all in all very good I will recommend.

Min Jiang at the Kensington Royal Garden Hotel: The Peking duck is still the best in town. The skin is just the right texture. The traditional sauces etc. have been cut down in amount given which is a pity and needs to be requested for top-up but they do top it up.

The dim sum is average in standard and poor for the price with the skin being much too thick for delicate dim sum.

Authentic and well presented. Great views of Hyde Park and beyond. Service was adequate and friendly.