Ristorante Ichnusa

33 Lavender Hill
London SW11 5QW
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About Ristorante Ichnusa

Sardinia has a great heritage of culinary culture and folklore. Called Ichnusa by the ancient Romans and Greeks we would like to bring some of those Traditional flavors to our restaurant between Clapham Junction and Wandsworth. Chefs Roberto Tonzanu, Paulo Do Santo, and General Manager Alberto Panni have been in the hospitality industry for years, and know what our customer wants when they go out or ask for take away. At Ristorante Ichnusa we offer to our customers, the authentic flavors of Sardinia, preparing our pastas and main courses the same traditional way our grandmothers were used to make when we were kids. Our specialties include homemade malloreddus with sausage and saffron, braised rabbit, grilled venison, fresh fish prepared on a daily basis, and suckling piglets on preorder. Most important, we can offer Gluten Free and Brown Pastas, and halal meats, so that everyone can enjoy the real taste of Sardinia.

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