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About Shanghai 30's

The name Shanghai means “on the sea” and the city lies on the east coast of China, just south of the Yangtze river. In the 30's, Shanghai was called the “ Paris of the Orient”. It was a place of shows, restaurants, clubs and gambling to keep you from getting lonely. People from all over the world were throwing themselves into the Shanghai parties. It was these new immigrants who fuelled the fantastically opulent and innovative dinning culture in the town – a huge and varied range of different cuisines were being introduced to the city, while native food was being subsequently transformed into a taste and a style of west meets east in order to compete. Shanghai, was one of the melting pots of the gourmet world during the 30's.

Situated in this 15th century building, Shanghai 30's cuisine is based on the both classic and contemporary dishes of Shanghai and the surrounding areas - Shaoxing and Yangchow, but also includes some of the most popular dishes from Sichuan.

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Shaghai 30s, Oxford - very tasty, unusual chinese food although some of the dishes came in a rather overpowering and terribly sweet sauce which spoilt the taste. It would have been so much better if the sauce was served separately (or if it had a bit less sugar in!!). Despite 50% offer on main dishes, we ended up paying about £15 ahead for just a starter and a main at lunch time, so not such a great deal but it was nevertheless an enjoyable meal.

Shanghai 30's 82 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1RA Reliable as usual; was pleased to see the place busy.

By far the best meal I've had in a long time, beautiful setting and gorgeous food.

Great atmosphere and good food. Only critique was a recommendation for a not very good item off the lunch menu ; Sichuan noodles tasted like over cooked pasta...

Shanghai 30's 82 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1RA Reliable as always.

8 stars for food 7 stars for rice 6 star for service....

Shanghai 30's 82 St Aldates, Oxford

A great place to take someone new - they're never disappointed. Service a little over enthusiastic - the main course arrived half way through the first...

Shanghai 30's, OX1 1RA. Welcoming staff - a nice change from the usual Chinese restaurant surliness. A range of unusual dishes, but all too sweet for my taste. The audio language tape in the loos is a bit of a surprise.

We visited the Shanghai 30's for lunch in Oxford on Sunday. Delicious food, well prepared, very nice service and a wonderfully quirky decor and language recordings in the loo. Very fun!

We booked a party of 12 for Sunday evening at Shanghai 30's in Oxford and were delighted with the occasion. The food was the best bit - we chose a selection of starters and main courses from the menu rather than the set meals, and were not disappointed. Especially good were the spare ribs and almond chicken starters and the lychee pork and sticky beef main courses. Very sweet but not cloying. Excellent wines too.

Shanghai 30's Oxford Great as always - a pleasure to take friends too. A well deserved Michelin 2012 recommendation.

Excellent value for money with the deal, actually pretty good value with out the deal but the deal justifies a mid week visit and starters!

I love this place. good atmosphere, kind staff, and delicious foods and sizzling sounds!

Fantastic Chinese food! Our prawn toasts arrived complete with head and tail, which was a lovely touch. Can also thoroughly recommend the mango duck, sizzling beef and satay chicken. Such great value with the 2 for 1 offer on mains!

What a find. The food excellent, with generous portions, even on the 50 0/0 deal. Very Very friendly and efficient service, one to remember for the next time we are in Oxford.

food was nice apart from the chilli boiled fish - too pricy for the quality

Pork a la Shanghai was absolutely superb- moist and falling to pieces. The flaming chicken and rice was a bit dry; the other dishes were good. The wine was excellent. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated and has excellent ambience. With regards to the service, our waitress was wonderful and very charming, although the other two who on occasion served us lacked manners and took a long time to do the bill. Dishes are around £8, but each person needs 2 dishes as they're quite small.

Excellent food,service and value as always.

Althought the decor is a little worn, the atmosphere was good and the service attentive. The food was terrific. We were a party of 4 and we all enjoyed our meals and would highly recommend to other diners.

Amazing food, i have never tasted chinese food like this. Pretty good value with the 50% off mains - 2 dim dum, 2 mains and a bottle of wine £35. We'll be going back soon!