22 Drury Lane
Covent Garden
London WC2B 5RH
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About Takari

Takari restaurant in London’s Covent Garden is a cool, modern place to enjoy the best of traditional Indian cuisine. Takari’s location could not be bettered, in the very heart of the great London theatres, near museums, the Royal Opera House and the delights of Covent Garden. The décor is smart and chic, with walls the colour of curries and saffron, chocolate leather seating, wooden floor and sparkling white table linens. The classic menu includes curries, biryanis and tandoori dishes with an emphasis on freshness and authenticity. The drinks menu includes Indian beers and an extensive choice of wines and cocktails. The plasma screen telly shows sporting events or Bollywood shows to add to the atmosphere.

Diner Reviews - Only diners who have booked and dined can write a review

Thought that the price for the starters and 'mango chutney' was a rip off. The beers are also £7 each! No wonder they can do the 50% off deal. Without it a meal for three with one starter each and a couple of beers came to over £80! You could go round the corner and get an indian for £15 a head without the discount.

Was not overly impressed with this restaurant, definitely would not pay full price for the food so we were lucky to have the 50% off. Service was polite but a little bit non-existant and the restaurant was pretty empty for a Friday night. Wouldn't go back.

Takari Indian Dining, London

Pleasant enough but nothing to write home about. Staff frienldy but always upselling. The credit card mahine wasn't working but we weren't told until we were half way through the starters so one of the party had to go to the cash machine to draw out £400.

Food was nice and the staff were friendly enough but they weren't very busy. We were a large group but there weren't many other customers and it did feel like they were trying to get rid of us!

Indian Takari in Drury Lane close to theatreland. Food standard but tasty. Only issue was card machine not working and we weren't told. Ok but probably won't visit again.

Takari was devoid of people when we visited but it was early on a Friday so that might explain it. An interesting looking menu proved to be a bit disappointing in the eating sadly, lacking flavour, although the starters were good. House wine was Australian and decent.

A very average meal.

Takari Indian Dining. Starter of grilled cheese was delicious,main course average. A little expensive for a curry, but the 50% discount made it reasonable. Waiter was attentive, but after the pre theatre crowd dispersed, felt a little rushed as if they wanted to close up (8,45pm!).

Takari is a great place and well worth it with the top table deal. Great for an early or late West End bite.

We visited Takari near covent garden after work, benefiting from the 50 per cent off food offer. The food was reasonable, although it was all overly sweet and the nan bread was tough. Without the discount it would have been very expensive, with the average main course at around £14 including rice and a beer over £4 for a bottle.

I had a throughly enjoyable meal in Takari Indian Dining. The food was good and the service was also very attentive, although we were the only diners in the restaurant for much of our meal, so I can't comment on what it would have been like during a busy period. All in all, a perfectly enjoyable experience.

Takari Indian Dining (London): My colleagues and I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening at Takari on Friday. Elegant surroundings and attentive service that did not tip over into overbearing. The food was delicious – we ordered a variety of starters, mains and sides and no dish disappointed. Well worth a visit – we’ll definitely be going back.

Had lunch at Takari in Holborn this weekend. Food was nice, not amazing but tasty, decent sized portions for lunch, although they didn't have table plate warmerss.The waiter hovered close to our table, took plates away while others in my party were still eating and generally made us feel rushed. The place was almost empty so they didn't need the table. Not recommended for a relaxed weekend lunch.And they didn't even have all their wines in stock either.Glad I had 50% off - not worth full price.

Lunch at Takari in thte Holborne area of London was prompt, spicy and satisfying.

We arrived on a Friday night to see it was completely empty. Majority of the menu is non-vegetarian so I would not recommend this for vegetarians.

The food came quickly but of small portions and the meat was dry and tasteless. The vegetarian dishes were better in comparison. The service was very disappointing with the waiters rushing us with our meal, and were generally impolite.

A meal for two cost £60 which is expensive, but with the 50% toptable booking it is reasonable.