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About The Lonsdale

Since its unveiling in 2002, The Lonsdale – hip cocktail bar, restaurant and lounge in upscale Notting Hill – has become local favourite and destination venue all in one. Refurbished by top urban designers du jour dtwo, The Lonsdale offers freshly sumptuous surroundings to reflect the dawn of a new decade in dining and drinking, whether you’re enjoying a quick after work cocktail, lunchtime nibbles or the full gastronomic experience. And what an experience; luxuriant and comforting, dinner at The Lonsdale is about familiar flavours used in simple but sophisticated ways. The culinary focus here is on steak, specifically Cairngorm steaks sourced from Allens of Mayfair, Britain’s oldest butchers. And if you’re not big on steak, there are plenty of other tempting dishes on offer, including fab vegetarian options. Cocktails here are not to be missed – the extensive list features classics, house favourites, historical drinks and even Prohibition-suitable (non-alcoholic!) cocktails.

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Lovely welcoming staff, club like atmosphere, food was average however beautifully presented and the cocktails were delicious. Great for a night out with friends.

We ordered the steak tartare, the parfait of liver, the pork belly and the burger. With the exception of the steak tartare, which I found to be bland and a very small portion, all of the food was excellent. I very much enjoyed the atmosphere and the art-deco light fixtures. I would go again.

Really great service. We were drinking cocktails at the bar and the staff were very relaxed about what time we ended up sitting down at our table. The food was nice - but not as nice as the cocktails and wine. I ordered the sirloin and it was a little gristly, but still good. Good value with the discount.

The Londsdale was great! Food was very tasty but some of the main dishes weren't very hot, also my friend's steak arrived as well done even though she has asked for medium rare. The only complaint I migh thave is the service...Not very professional and there was no appologies for messing up my friend's steak than we had to wait ages to grab someone to get the bill...

Standard Notting Hill bar/restaurant fare. Very similar vibe to the Electric on Portobello. Trying very hard to be trendy while not quite there on the food. We had steak and chips, which was good but the rocket and parmesan salad was miniscule and when we asked for bread they served up something akin to last weeks old loaf which had been toasted to disguise it's age. Not cool. Also, spectacularly overpriced if not with toptable.

went to Lonsdale couple of times in the past and it is never disappointing... food great as well as their red wine & decor nice & service attentive = great value

We went with my friends to Lonsdale in Nottinghill for my Bday dinner meal. Understandably Tuesday after a Bank holiday weekend was not the busiest of nights, but the atmosphere and service was very good and we were really pleasantly surprised by the quality and value of 50% TT offer..I had oysters as a starte , half of a lobster as a main dish and a delicious chocolate fondant and most of my friends has some great steaks. I totally recommend

Not to be missed Food and service excellant

tasty food, good service and stylish interior. Dining area is a bit close to the loud bar area though

Well, that was a surprise. From the outside The Lonsdale looks like a smart neighbourhood steakhouse, but when you walk inside and it looks like a well-lit night club. Needless to say, the bar is excellently stocked and the wine list was pleasing too. Frankly, I was surprised about the food. Considering the decor, I was feeling a bit nervous, but that was completely unfounded. The food was superb and the service was very attentive. That being said, we went on a Tuesday - not the busiest night.

Great venue, service and food...

Amazing value for money! Great food! We had an early sitting so it was really quiet...but was warming up as we left. They do the best Amaretto Sours too!

Went to the Lonsdale in Notting hill last night. Massively friendly. Great service. Excellent food and great value (with the 50% off!) Would definately recommend it and we will definately be going back too!

The Lonsdale is a fun relaxing place, good service, and great for steaks. The seafood is a bit hit and miss though.

Brilliant value with the TT deal - food was fantastic and service lovely. Really liked the decor. Particular mention should go to the cocktail list - the martinis were superb.

The staff at the Lonsdale were pleasant, the menu was excellent and the food was very good. We also loved the red cushioned benches and low lighting and will definitely come again.

Fancied a steak and after reading another review decided on the Lonsdale. 50% off food and booked in early. The steak was great, and just what was needed although glad it was on special offer. All in all a nice place to eat.. If you want it quiet get there early and make the most of the big red seats..

THe food at the Lonsdale was very good. Steak cooked perfectly and chips were great. perhaps a little haevy handed on the salt generally. Fun place to go with friends, but you definitely feel like you are eating in a funky bar not a restaurant. Good cocktails. Excellent value with 50% off, full price, there are places Id rather eat in Notting Hill.

very nice atmosphere but way too crowded and loud. The food wasnt great and cocktails didnt hace any alcohol:(. Nice for socialising but not great for food. Also the toilets were very dirty and both sinks out of order.

A very pleasant dinner at The Lonsdale. Ate there early and enjoyed their 50% discount TT offer (expensive without this discount) and the food was good - steaks especially. Quite quiet early but filled up by 7.30pm. Loud music was a bit intrusive but that is the sort of place it is. Nice waitress. Would probably return.