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Boyd's Bar and Brasserie in London ... Slightly quirky ambience ( plastic bar stools and dining chairs ) but exciting British TAPAS was v good ( especially the pork belly ). Steak was cooked well and a good choice of deserts. Only spoilt by mix up over wine order ( nearly didn't arrive until coffee !! )

Really enjoyed Boyd's, lovely food in a really nice setting - and a bargain with the offer!

The British Tapas at Boys were excellent and if you need somewhere to eat in London for a snack there is nowhere better. Every single one of the 5 tapas we had were cooked to perfection and the flavours were sensational. The rest of the food however was not so good. After a great start to the meal every dish served after was a disappointment. Would go back but only for the small plates.

Came here with my Mum to celebrate her birthday. Nice place and I would come back. The food was delicious (apart from the broccoli, which was overdone and too salty - but we gave this feedback and it was removed from our bill). The cockle and caper popcorn tapas starter was the hero. Slightly too cavernous for decent atmosphere but I quite liked the chairs. The soundtrack in the loos (Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter) was a bit odd, though!

Really enjoyed both our meals at Boyd's. A super menu, not a huge variety but some excellent dishes. We loved the tapas style starters. Funky crowd on the bar opposite which made this a good place for a Friday night dinner.

Great setting. Fantastic service.

Service initially very helpful both in terms of food and wine. However, a side order of chips was forgotten and only brought after my friend had finished his meal. Furthermore, the bill was not calculated correctly. The sum involved was trivial but one does expect the bill accurately to reflect the pricing stated in the menu rather than a convenient mathematical fantasy. Also: clear plastic chairs. Yuck.

Wonderul Experience at Boyd's

Really enjoyed. Beautiful restaurant, very grand and glamorous. Service was good, food very nice. We had tapas, and they are indeed very small, but they are priced accordingly. We went after a reception so weren't wanting a full meal so it was perfect. Would return.

Another high quality meal in a splendid room. It's difficult to believe that this building was inaccessible to the public from the start of WW2 until just recently; as a result, much of it feels incredibly authentic. Good offer in the brasserie, pleasant service.

Boyd's Bar and Brasserie, 8 Northumberland Avenue, London. A bit mixed really, lovely elegant marble room, a bar that lacks many basic drinks, rather downmarket cocktails. Service that swung between fussy (filling the glass after every sip) to disappearing and not filling glasses when they were empty - though the staff were pleasant. The food too was hit and miss, the starters were poor, the mains good. Finally we were overcharged!

Boyd's Bar & Brasserie London. Great value with the 51% off offer, loved the tapas style starters. Very helpul and attentive wine waiter - recommended a cheaper wine than the one we ordered which was out of stock and wine was excellent. Only complaint would be those awful perspex chairs - look dreadful and aren't at all comfortable, otherwise top notch.

This was my first visit to Boyd's Bar and Brasserie & will not be my last! The menu seems limited but there's plenty of choice & the tapas style starters are delicious (my black pudding scotch egg was particulaly good) The food was excellent value with the TT 50% offer but I would pay full price for this as everything was perfectly cooked and the service was unobtrusive but attentive. The room itself is beautiful with a great location just of Trafalgar Square. Highly recommend

One of the many things that I love about Toptable is the ability to make last minute bookings. I work nearby & had no idea that this place was so close to work! The starters are like tapa's so follow their recommendation & order a few to share. The food was delicious and the service was fair. It was a nice night out.

We had a good evening at Boyd's Bar and Brasserie and great value for money with the Top Table 51% off food discount. Food was tasty although a few more choices in terms of mains courses would have been appreciated especially as I am a vegetarian. To start service was efficient although towards the end of the meal as the restaurant got busier we did feel a little neglected.

Boyd's Bar and Brasserie in central London is a beautiful restaurant set within a hotel, with its marbled walls, chandeliers and tiled floor it certainly makes an impression on the visitor. The food is good, not the best, but good, and with the toptable offer, was very reasonably priced. The service was professional and discreet, and the whole experience was a delight.

Tucked away within a hotel. Restaurant area wasn't very appealing. It was dark and a bit dingy. Food was excellent. Try the pork starter, it was amazing. I had the burger with chips as a main. The chips were very good. Watch out for the optional service charge that is automatically added to your bill. It's a whopping 20%! I asked mine to be lessened as the service I received wasn't the best. I think that some of the staff very knew and didn't know what to do. Despite this the food was very good and it was good value.

Dined at Boyd's Brasserie in Northumberland Avenue on Saturday under the 51% TT discount. Comfortable seating area in the bar, attentive and friendly staff, good ambience. The tapas starters were excellent (try the pork belly!) and nicely served, the main courses were good and presented well though the fish pie looked a bit lonely in the middle of the plate, desserts also very good. All food was very tasty, service excellent, maitre d' particularly good. Wine expensive. Good value with discount.

Really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and approach to this superbly decorated brasserie. The menu with British tapas starters and an excellent fish pie was both imaginative and delicious. Will return.

Two of us dined Saturday early evening. This is an excellent venue, for both convenience (Trafalgar Square) and quality of service and food. All staff very friendly (where do they get such competent, friendly staff?) Restaurant located in the very upmmarket Northumberland Hotel. Very popular venue and, although very busy, tables not too crowded on topof each other. Very impressive decor. Food excellent and very good value (even without TopTable discount!). Will definitely return.

A friend and I enjoyed a very good meal at Boyds Bar and Brasserie in London. The food was excellent and service very friendly. The most difficult thing was working out the bill as the receipt wasn't clear at all. Would go back.

Boyd'sBar and Brasserie was very nice, staff excellent. Small menu but something there for most people. Tapas starter made a nice change, youpick two each so therefore you get to taste four different ones if there's two of you or you can have more. Side dishes were great value. Great atmosphere as the bar is very close, enjoyed people watching. Definately going back.

A small group of us ate at Boyd's Bar and Brasserie (London) in the early evening. The room is striking, the service was friendly and efficient apart from forgetting to bring one of the coffees (for which we weren't charged), and the food was excellent value with the 51% off deal.

Really great meal, fabulous staff and wonderful value!

Anniversary treat at Boyd's Bar London. Early for an 8.15 table but happily seated us. Started off quiet but a nice buzz as the place filled up. Food was good but not wow. Champagne v reasonable at £35 and service was lovely. 51% deal good; not worth full price. Was intrigued by apple pie ice cream dessert so we ordered one to share, disappointed it was coffee flavour! The chef denied it was coffee ...weird. Don't like the plastic garden chairs much but still had a lovely evening!

Joint birthday celebration. Six of us dined and had an lovely evening. Food was of a very high standard and the ambience of the surroundings lead to a very enjoyabe evening. The promotional offer very much appreciated at the end of January.

The waiters' at Boyd's Bar & Brasserie were friendly & efficient although this efficiency dropped off after the first course was recieved. The steak was certaintly not the worst I've had but it was below par. Unfortunatly my "not very good" was interpreted as "good" and therefore no apology was forthcomming from the kitchen ! The rest of the meal was of the expected standard. I had to send the bill back because the 51% discount had been forgotten (not the first restaurant to make this mistake)

It was a real shame we had to wait an hour to be seated despite booking in advance. The food and service from there on in were excellent for the money, the black pudding scotch egg tapas particularly springs to mind. Would definitely recommend, but be persistent with the front of house staff!

Boyd's Bar and Brasserie, London: Food was gorgeous and atmosphere sophisticated. Service a little slow but would otherwise definitely recommend it!

I really enjoyed my visit to Boyd's Bar and Brasserie in Northumberland Avenue. There’s a fun array of starters, order three each and share, and the mains are very good. The service was excellent and great value at the moment with 51% off. I’m going back for the pie and a pint of Chablis.

Boyd/s Bar and Brasserie, London We had a post-matinee theatre dinner and it was excellent. Service amazing and the venue is delightful. 5l% off food offer made it very reasonable but the prices were bad anyway.

For a hotel restaurant, Boyd's was a lovely venue. Very attentive staff. Starters were served in a tapas style, so we got try 8 lovely different starters & made the dining experience more sociable that way. Our steak, pork with amazing crackling & baked sea bass was super delicious. A wide selection of wine to suit every budget. Lovely ambience in the restaurant (though the music could've been turned down a notch..). An excellent Sat dinner location with the fantastic TT 50% off.

Boyd's bar and brasserie London. We had a very relaxing evening. Staff were very attentive. Love the idea of tapas starters, 2 per person means lots of samples to share. The cockle and caper popcorn was amazing . Such a shame we could not fit in a pudding they all sounded delicious. amazing 50% off offer on the food meant we could splash out on the signature cocktails - planning a return already

very friendly staff, great atmosphere & great food. thanks!

Boyds Bar and Brasserie, Northumberland Avenue, London A terrific venue - full of history and charm. Food is well prepared and interesting - particularly the English Tapas starters. Service was top notch, too. At first glance the value for money is also good, but beware the 12.5% automatic service charge which will bump it up a bit - still not over the top for somewhere of this quality, though.

Very nice lunch. Loved the starters especially. My beef was a little bit tough but on the whole good value for money.

Had a good meal with a large group of friends - food good (some great puddings) with interesting flavours. Great service, loved the look though a little dark and hope the refurb now happening doesnt change it for the worse.

Toilets only scored lower because it was disturbing having Stephen Fry read to you when you go!!

Would like to recommend it to a friend but afraid I wouldn't. Lovely venue but food and service didn't match it. Only had a main course (salad) and a dessert (baked alaska). The dessert wasn't included in the pre theatre meal and the waiter kindly included it for us. Was saddened that the meringue wasn't whipped long enough so was very grainy with the sugar.

This restaurant (must be fairly new ?) was a very pleasant surprise. Lots of space, imposing decor, very attentive service; and food was good; but menu is quite short and only a few things were included in the 'Set menu' group

Very nice atmosphere. First course came very quickly, puddings slower and we only just made our theatre at 7.45pm. But overall we enjoyed it very much.

Will certainly go again.

Boyd's Brasserie just next to Trafalgar Square in London was a revellation - very good service and even better food in a nice atmosphere, with special pre-theatre menu prices that were well worth paying. My wife and I had an excellent time and her particular comment was how efficient and yet friendly were the entire staff. Strongly recommend.

Pre theatre offer is very good value, especially for this part of town. Food was good quality and well presented. Atmosphere was ok if a bit stilted but the marble surroundings are grand. Worth checking out.

Boyd's brasserie, London

Don't normally go to restaurants in hotels but this was excellent - very cheerful service

Went for a pre theatre dinner and took and took advantage of their 3 course deal for 18.90 which is very good value. Can't fault the food or service. However whilst the interiorvis very grand it did feel a little dark and gloomy.

Excellent food and good service

Unique surrounding... Good food and excellent service... Not too noisy... Worth trying for a group gathering of something more cosy.

I enjoyed my meal here but was disappointed with the decor which looked trendy on the website but was rather old in reality. The service was very good too

Boyd's had a good menu and food was good for pre theatre meal.

Loved the decor, had a drink in the bar before dinner which was very cosy. We both had the steak & it was lovely will definitely return.

When I booked Boyd's I thought it looked very inpressive in the photos. However, when we got there, we were very unimpressed, with the decor, the clientele and atmostphere. We stayed for about 10mins and decided we probably wouldn't enjoy an evening there and so we left.

Hadn't been to Boyds Bar & Brasserie in London (near Charing Cross) so paid a return visit. Much shortened menu, but very good. Reasonable wine list, where you can get something drinkable for under £20. Still a winner!